Meet BTS Jin’s Best Friend And Worst Enemy: Bang Si Hyuk

They have a hilarious relationship that’s 50% business and 50% fun.

Big Hit Entertainment. Jin Hit Entertainment. Two companies, both alike in dignity, in fair Seoul where we lay our scene. Depending on the day, their rival CEOs can be best friends or worst enemies!

Bang Si Hyuk, the founder and co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment has a special relationship with each BTS member…

…including his usurper–er, I mean–unofficial heir to the company, Jin.

Ever since Jin posted this photo of himself in 2015 (and temporarily took over the official Big Hit Entertainment Facebook page) fans have joked that he’s secretly in charge of the company.

After all, Jin listed “join the board of directors” as one of his FESTA goals.

Although Bang Si Hyuk is technically Jin’s boss, sometimes they seem more like BFFs.

Bang Si Hyuk: Are you guys having fun?
Jin: Because I’m handsome, it’s really fun.
Bang Si Hyuk: Then if I went along, it probably wouldn’t be as interesting. Fortunately, I decided to stay at home and edit the MV. Okay, now, focus on the stage.
Jin: In fact, I did it for fun. We will return after we succeed.

Jin isn’t afraid to “fight” with Bang Si Hyuk…

…or rebel against his rules…

…and like a true friend, Jin loves to tease him.

When a fan compared Bang Si Hyuk to an eggplant on Weverse, Jin didn’t deny the resemblance.


Instead, he wrote, “PD nim is crying..”. (Looks like somebody’s getting fired!)

As for Bang Si Hyuk, he picks up Jin’s calls if he feels like it

…and he knows exactly how to shut down his sass.

Bang Si Hyuk loves Jin…almost as much as he loves to backstab him. For instance, Jin thought that BTS would be getting easier choreography for “DOPE”…

…but that was a flat-out lie!

Go ahead. Name a more dynamic duo. They’ll wait!