Meet The K-Pop Group That Had Three Different Maknaes Throughout Their Career

They’ve had many member changes.

Most K-Pop groups debut with one maknae who stays the youngest for their entire career. MONSTA X‘s I.M, Apink‘s Hayoung, and BTOB‘s Sungjae are only a few examples of these kind of idols.

Less commonly, there are other groups whose maknae‘s left the group, leaving the second youngest member to take their place. This is what happened with WINNER‘s Seungyoon when Taehyun left YG Entertainment, making him one of K-Pop’s only maknae leaders.

Most rarely, however, is there a group that has had so many member changes that they’ve had various youngest members in only a few years. Besides NCT who has a revolving member concept, there is one group that is still active with this situation.

This is none other than N.Flying from FNC Entertainment!

Members Jaehyun, Hweseung, and Dongsun have all been the youngest in the band at least once.

When N.Flying first debuted on May 20, 2015 with the single “Awesome”, they consisted of leader Seunghyub, lead guitarist Hun, bassist Kwangjin, and drummer Jaehyun.

With Jaehyun’s extroverted personality, he was the childlike maknae with full energy at all times.

Jaehyun ceased to be the youngest when Hweseung was added to the group in June 2017. Born in 1995, he was a year younger than the drummer.

N.Flying and Hweseung (Center)

Finally, Hweseung was no longer the maknae when N.Flying added a new member, Dongsun, in 2020 to fill in their empty bassist position. As he was born in 1996, he was a year younger than Hweseung and two years younger than Jaehyun.

Dongsun may be the current maknae, but he showed off his leadership skills in his former group HONEYST.

Now N.Flying is not only known among their fans for their beautiful songs, but also for their interesting maknae history!

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