Meet The Male Idol That Got Cast Through Instagram

The company slid into his DMs.

Joining the list of unusual places where companies have cast idols, one that’s rare is getting cast through Instagram. While aespa‘s Karina mentioned receiving a private Instagram message as a casting for SM Entertainment, she isn’t the only idol who was scouted on the platform.

aespa’s Karina | Inkigayo

On an episode of Eric Nam‘s podcast K-Pop Daebak, he was visited by the rookie group WEi. Since many of the members had unique jobs before joining the group, Eric Nam asked them to share how they started on the path to becoming idols.


Maknae Junseo volunteered and surprised Eric Nam from his very first sentence. Junseo revealed, “I mostly studied in school until I was scouted on Instagram.

It was such a shock to Eric Nam that he asked, “Really?” Junseo humbly responded, “Yes, it’s embarrassing to say myself.

Eric Nam then asked, “So you had no intentions of becoming an idol, but all because of Instagram…?” Junseo confirmed that becoming an idol hadn’t been an idea that ever occurred to him before being cast.

Instead, Junseo was spending his time like any other person his age would. Junseo added, “Yes, I was a good student for most of my life.

Without that employee coming across Junseo’s Instagram, he might’ve never realized the charm of being an idol and debuting as WEi’s Junseo.

Junseo | @WEi__Official/Twitter

Check out the idol recalling the fateful encounter that put his life on a completely different path.

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