Here Is What The Members Of NCT DREAM Really Thought The First Time They Heard “Glitch Mode” — And Why They Came To Love It

Seems like it was meant to be!

In the latest episode of Haechan Radio, the members of NCT DREAM each discussed their surprising first impressions of their comeback track, “Glitch Mode.” While they all came to love the song pretty quickly, it wasn’t necessarily love at first listen for everyone.

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Mark was the first to discuss his opinion, saying that the first time they heard the demo, he actually felt like it could have been better.

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His thoughts changed very quickly, however, as he listened more and more to the song. He soon realized that not only was the theme a perfect fit for NCT DREAM, but it was also very original.

Also, when I first heard the theme of ‘glitch,’ I thought it was original so I was really excited.

— Mark

Jeno had a similar line of thinking. He felt like “Glitch Mode” is the kind of song “only NCT can do.” And there’s a reason for that! As MC Haechan revealed, “Glitch Mode” was composed with NCT in mind, which is why the style suits them so seamlessly.

Jaemin had very non-conflicted feelings about the song. Although he was sick when he first heard it and was therefore unable to say much that time, he says that he liked it pretty much straight away.

The members also teased Renjun for his opinion, claiming that Renjun had scolded them about it…

…to which Renjun very diplomatically replied that he appreciated being able to openly discuss the comeback with all the members. He also said, “I love how we are approaching it with the same mind,” which suggests he also came to appreciate “Glitch Mode” and the perfect fit of its concept.

Jeno may have said it best when he said, “It definitely is very NCT-style.” Given that NCT stands for ‘Neo Culture Technology,’ the ‘glitch’ theme really is fitting! Besides, the fact that an NCTzen made their debut as a lyricist on the song means that “Glitch Mode” and NCT DREAM really were meant to be!

You can watch the members discussing their first impressions of the song on the link below.