INFINITE’s Sungyeol Was Ready With Back Up After Sunggyu Tried To Take Revenge

It’s always better to have some back up!

Idols are known for doing funny things regarding their members and they’re pros at making sure the other members don’t take revenge on them for doing it.


INFINITE shows us a great example of how to prevent members from taking revenge on them after showing a funny photo of one of them at a fanmeeting.

INFINITE’s Sungyeol took a picture of Sunggyu during the military and revealed it to fans during a fan event in 2018. Sungyeol expressed to fans that he took the photo because he thought they would love to see how he was doing in the military. He even bragged that he drove 4 hours just to get this photo for them. The photo shows the INFINITE leader with his head shaved and wearing his military attire.


Sunggyu, who was recently discharged from the military, had a live broadcast and stated that he saw the picture that Sungyeol had taken. He explains that he has a photo saved in his phone that he wanted to use to get revenge back at him. However, after telling Sungyeol to keep a look out for his photos, Sungyeol replied, “Go ahead.”


He later found out that Sungyeol had taken another photo of him while he was sleeping in the military that he saved in case of situations like this.

Sunggyu ended up giving up his plan to take revenge and decided that he would do it another time.

Looks like idol members are taking it up a notch with additional back up just in case situations like this arise! Perhaps Sunggyu can threaten to donate Sungyeol’s appearance fees to charity just like he did previously!