Model Han Hye Jin Is Falling In Love With Ong Seong Wu, Like The Rest Of Us

And she made sure everyone knows!

With the plot of Ong Seong Wu‘s K-Drama At Eighteen taking wild turns and twists, viewers have been finding it difficult to stay away. And seeing from her recent Instagram uploads, model Han Hye Jin seems to be one of the eager fans!


On her recent series of Instagram story posts, Han Hye Jin was spotted fangirl-ing to Ong Seong Wu, his character in the drama, and his soundtrack for the drama too! The first story captured her streaming the At Eighteen soundtrack on repeat…

I’ve never thought I wanted to go back to my teens until…

— Han Hye Jin


In the next story that followed, Han Hye Jin captured a scene from the drama featuring Ong Seong Wu and commented that her heart has been “unlocked” for his character, Choi Jun Woo.

I got into trouble for watching this drama while I’m supposed to be on a trip. And then for taking screenshots of Ong Seong Wu!

— Han Hye Jin


Under a fan’s comment asking if the song she’d been listening to is any good, Han Hye Jin gave her most heartfelt recommendation.

Fan: Is the song from your story any good? Maybe I’ll listen to it before going to bed. Good night!
Han Hye Jin: The melody is good, the lyrics are great, but the singer is the best!


Looks like model Han Hye Jin is the newest addition to the Ong Seong Wu fangirl club!


With a visual like this though, who could possibly resist?

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Source: THEQOO
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