MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Pays For Everyone’s Meal After Meeting MONBEBEs At A Restaurant

What a sweetheart.

Recently, a fan posted that they met MONSTA X’s Hyungwon at a restaurant and was shocked after finding out that he paid for everyone’s meal.

I just went to because I wanted to eat galbi and I saw someone that looked like a celebrity and it was Hyungwon. He was really handsome…He even paid for everyone’s meal at the restaurant and left telling everyone to have a good meal while smiling. Really…he is so cool.

Minhyuk talked about Dongindong on the radio so I went to go eat there and Hyungwon was there. I was shocked that my hands and legs were shaking. Hyungwon paid for everyone’s meal that was there. His face was really small and his smile was so pretty, if there was an angel, wouldn’t it be Hyungwon.

Looks like Hyungwon came and left Dongindong awhile ago…my friend said that he came and paid for everyone’s meals and left.

The text message read:

  • Friend: I came to Dongindong because my friend dragged me here. Hyungwon-ssi paid for our meal. 
  • OP: Lolololol ??? Today?
  • Friend: Yup.

And it looks like this isn’t the first time Hyungwon has done something sweet for his fans!

Why are there so many moving stories about Hyungwon. Paying for MONBEBEs meals…saying everything is good as long as we ate well…escorting MONBEBEs parents out…is this all real I am so confused…meeting a MONBEBE then paying for everyone else’s meal that was there!

Turns out there was a MONBEBE at every table at the restaurant! How lucky are these fans!

Netizens that saw this could not stop praising Hyungwon.

  • “Wow that’s crazy he is so cool.”
  • “Wow talk about flexing.”
  • “All tables? That’s crazy!”
  • “I’m totally falling for MONSTA X now. I admit it.”
Source: theqoo


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