MONSTA X Couldn’t Guess Jo Myungseob’s Age … Watch How Awkward They Were

You wouldn’t have guessed it either!

Musical singer Jo Myungseob appeared on an episode of “Omniscient Interfering View“, paying a visit to his seniors during a recording of “Music Core“. With the help of his manager, he managed to bring the traditional newcomer’s gift of rice cakes to give to other promoting singers along with copies of his album.

After paying visits to Park Jihoon, Yubin and NCT 127, the quirky singer visited MONSTA X, who was then promoting for their song, “FANTASIA“. The singer politely requested to greet the group through their managers and the boys of MONSTA X filed out of their waiting room to greet the newbie.

The boys seemed extremely awkward and tense, and showed the utmost manners as they politely greeted Jo Myungseob. The hosts of “Omniscient Interfering View” even pointed out that all of the members had their hands modestly clasped together in front of them, a show of respect and politeness usually reserved for seniors or someone older than you.

Member I.M even complimented the singer, although he made a slightly awkward error. He commented that Jo Myungseob sings extraordinarily well, and followed by saying, “I can feel your experience through years, when you’re on the stage.” He then asked him how old he was.

Jo Myungseob brightly replied that he was 22 (korean age) that year, being born in 1999. This came as shock to the members of MONSTA X – Jo Myungseob would’ve been the maknae of the team!

The youngest member in MONSTA X is I.M himeself, being born in 1996. This puts him at three years older than the musical singer! Jo Myungseob hastily then laughed that he looks older than he is actually, diffusing the awkward situation. The meeting ended happily with a group photo and the exchange of signed albums!

Check out the full video here! Meanwhile, MONSTA X is promoting their current comeback, “FANTASIA“.