MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Cried Adorably At The Dermatologist’s … For IPL Hair Removal

“I wondered if they didn’t numb my face correctly.”

MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon recently took to live stream to share with fans a hilarious anecdote about how he went for facial hair removal at the dermatologist’s. He revealed that facial hair had been a concern for him, especially due to long hours spent at the broadcasting stations.

Idols are known to often spend the entire day at schedules during promotions. On music show days, they have to wake up at dawn to get their hair and makeup done and attend dry runs early in the morning. The actual performance takes place in the afternoons and ends early evening. During this time, male idols often have to shave twice a day, especially if their facial hair grows fast. Hyungwon revealed that in order to get a clean shave, one needs to use a blade rather than a handheld shaver and this can result in getting cut if you do it too often.

He shared the concern with his dermatologist who immediately reassured Hyungwon of his expertise in hair removal. Hyungwon was recommended to attend a few sessions of IPL laser, a technology that is meant to help you reduce facial hair permanently.

The clinic Hyungwon went to had a busy schedule and he was only able to make a reservation a month after his first visit.

They applied numbing cream on him and he began to lose feeling in his face.

However, it seems like it did not help much as Hyungwon shared that it hurt immensely. He even wondered if they did not properly numb his skin!

He began to tear up at the pain.

It seems like all was normal however, as the doctor reassured him that it was okay to cry in the clinic.

After the procedure was over, the doctor called in the nurse to apply ointment to his skin. Hyungwon revealed that he was a little embarrassed so he quickly wiped his tears before she came in.

The pain was not in vain however, as Hyungwon revealed he felt he had made the right decision after seeing the reaction from people around him. His makeup artist had complimented him on his smooth skin while the photographer for MONSTA X’s One of A Kind concept pictures had claimed there was nothing to photoshop on Hyungwon’s pictures. Usually, the skin around the facial hair area is edited to smoothen out any stray hairs.

Isn’t he the cutest? Sad to say, Hyungwon has a few more sessions of pain left to go before he’s completely finished with the treatment.

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Catch the confession below!

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