Jack Black Proposed A Collaboration With MONSTA X And We Need It To Happen ASAP

Jack Black and MONSTA X? 100% yes!

Jack Black and MONSTA X collab? Yeah, we’re going to need this asap!

In the second episode of MONSTA X The Holiday Show in the US, Monbebe got a huge surprise when MONSTA X met the one and only Jack Black!

While chilling in the waiting room before going on stage on LIVE! With Kelly & Ryan, Jack Black popped in, greeted the members, and playfully asked if they were all stretched and ready to perform.

Are you going to perform today? Are you ready? Did you stretch?

— Jack Black

After assuring him they were stretched and teasingly asking if Jack had also stretched, Joohoney reminded Jack Black of his time on Infinite Challenge by letting him know he had seen him on the show!

Joohoney: I saw you on Infinite Challenge.

Kihyun: You’re huge in Korea.

Jack Black: You saw me? Aw, good times!

With that little trip down memory lane, Jack wished MONSTA X good luck before casually proposing that they should do a collab together sometime!

Good luck today. Thank you very much. I’ll see you guys down the road. One of these days we gotta do a collab.

— Jack Black

Knowing that Jack Black has not only released a number of songs under the name Tenacious D but has also had some experience in K-Pop thanks to his time on Infinite Challenge, Monbebe are all for a collab between them!

Here’s hoping a collab will happen soon!