MONSTA X Jooheon Cried While Hypnotized

MONSTA X‘s Jooheon cried while hypnotized as he confessed his genuine hopes and aspirations for the group.

In an episode of MONSTA X’s show, No Exit Broadcast, the members of the group were given the opportunity to undergo hypnosis and explore their previous life.

Jooheon went first and revealed his heartbreaking story as a circus tiger named Matthew.

He described how the clowns would threaten him keep him locked up in a cage all day and night under threat of fire.

While sharing his story, Jooheon cried at the pain and suffering he experienced as a circus tiger.

The mentalist then pointed out that it was interesting Jooheon became an entertainer in his current life, despite having lived a tough life as an entertainer in his previous one.

Jooheon explained that as a circus tiger, his only form of motivation to continue performing were the children who expressed great interest in him.

“We work really hard on stage, so I hope we can receive an award in an honorable way.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if we don’t, but if we do, I think our team will become stronger.”

— MONSTA X’s Jooheon

Watch the whole episode below and see Jooheon’s hypnosis. 

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