MONSTA X Joohoney’s New Name Is Baksu Now And There Is No Going Back

He is now MONSTA X’s Baksu.

MONSTA X went to Bangkok, Thailand as part of their 2019 World Tour and during a press interview, Joohoney talked about how his appearance on PRODUCE X 101 – or more specifically his coaching for SEVENTEEN‘s “Clap” performance – has changed everything for him.


As soon as the interview began, the interviewer poked fun at Joohoney’s most viral “Baksu” moment. Joohoney, with a heart of gold, dished at the interviewer saying that’s not how it’s done. The fans couldn’t help but UWU hard at their interaction, because Joohoney was embracing the fact that he has become an internet sensation!


When the interviewer asked Joohoney how things have changed for him post his appearance on the show PRODUCE X 101, Joohoney answered that he is now identified by the word “Baksu”, rather than his name.

I got off at the Bangkok Airport and fans who recognized me started calling me ‘Baksu’ instead of by my name.

— Joohoney


Joohoney also admitted he never thought his coaching moment with the trainees would become this much of a thing. He shared, since that “Baksu” episode aired, he has bee receiving a lot of texts from his friends.

I’m getting a lot of texts from friends but they don’t say anything else. They all say ‘Baksu’ and that’s it. They don’t even ask how I’m doing or anything…

— Joohoney


Regardless, Joohoney is grateful for the opportunity to have gone this viral. He also explained that coaching the trainees on the show rekindled his passion for the stage and made him feel that as a “sunbae (선배, senior)” group, MONSTA X should strive to be on their best behavior.

Thank you so much for all the love and support. I guess I’ll continue to clap!

— Joohoney


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Source: THEQOO