The Internet Is Having Too Much Fun With MONSTA X Joohoney’s SEVENTEEN “Clap” Lesson

No hard feelings though.

On a recent episode of PRODUCE X 101, a group of trainees pulled off an amazing performance of SEVENTEEN‘s “Clap”. Behind this performance was none other than MONSTA X‘s Joohoney coaching the trainees how to get that energetic tone right.


Now that the episode is over, SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X fans are having a complete blast by tweaking it around to make it look like Joohoney isn’t too satisfied with his brother S.Coup‘s version of “Bak-su (박수, clap)”.


Here’s another version of Joohoney picking at it with S.Coups:


Of course Joohoney and S.Coups, both belonging to the brotherhood of MON-TEEN, are good friends and none of this is being taken seriously. In fact, both MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN fans are actually having a good time cracking up about how perfectly the video has been edited to look like Joohoney cannot be pleased, no matter how hard S.Coups tries!


It’s not just the fans being busy teasing Joohoney. His fellow MONSTA X members are also getting a kick of making fun of him too – for being extra intense on the show. Hyungwon, Shownu, and Kihyun all poked fun at Joohoney for becoming “famous” for his disapproving head shake.

Do you think you’re convincing anyone to clap right now?

— Kihyun


Nevertheless, MONSTA X members all praised Joohoney in the end, for being all kinds of professional as an amazing coach on the show. The internet loves Joohoney, even his extra AF intensity, and he better know it.

You should know though, Joohoney used to teach other trainees from other agencies even when he was a trainee himself. Even after he debuted with us, he had trainees requesting coaching from him.

— Shownu


Watch MONSTA X members roast Joohoney for 10 minutes straight below: