The Sad Reason Why MONSTA X’s Joohoney Didn’t Know His Solo Track Hit 1M Views

The rapper broke fans’ hearts when he told them this.

The music video for MONSTA X‘s Joohoney‘s solo track “PSYCHE,” off his mixtape of the same name, hit 1 million views on YouTube on January 31 – but the rapper had no idea he had hit this milestone.

| starshipTV/YouTube

During a live broadcast on February 3 with band-mate Kihyun, Joohoney was informed of the views and his response was heartbreaking.

Joohoney (left) and Kihyun (right) after their live broadcast. | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

When Kihyun read out a fan comment telling them that “PSYCHE” had hit 1 million views, Joohoney seemed surprised.

“It finally hit 1 million?” he said, then explained that he had stopped checking because it seemed as though the views weren’t ever going up.

Joohoney in the “PSYCHE” music video. | starshipTV/YouTube

Kihyun immediately commented on it, telling Monbebes to go stream “PSYCHE” along with the teaser for their upcoming Japanese single, “WANTED.”

This comment drew a lot of attention from fans, most of them disappointed at how disheartened he sounded.

Just like all fans, Monbebes are dedicated to making their idols happy, and are hoping to double their efforts in watching in order to lift his spirits. You can watch “PSYCHE” here!


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