MONSTA X’s Shownu Asks Monbebes To Love Him Regardless Of His Weight

“Please like me the way I am now too.”

In light of his dramatic weight loss, MONSTA X‘s Shownu reportedly asked Monbebes to not worry, and if possible, to “love him nonetheless”.


Fans who attended MONSTA X’s November 7, 2019 fan meeting shared that Shownu did, in fact, look like he had lost a lot of weight…


… but that he personally didn’t seem to mind the change. According to a Monbebe who spoke directly with Shownu about his appearance, Shownu asked to be “accepted” as he is at the moment.

[Shownu] As soon as I saw Shownu looking skinny AF, I told him about how it’s breaking my heart. But then Shownu answered, ‘Please like me the way I am now too.’ So I told him if he’s losing weight because he wants to, then I’m okay with whatever he’s doing.

— Concerned Monbebe


This Monbebe added that Shownu explained, while he did not necessarily mean to lose all that weight, he is also definitely not going to try gaining it back.

He said he lost weight without really trying. But he doesn’t want to gain any either. So at this point, I want him to do whatever he wants.

— Concerned Monbebe


With that said, Monbebes feel slightly more relieved than when they first witnessed Shownu’s latest “slimmed down look”. While they can’t completely disregard the concerns, they are promising to do as Shownu asked — which is to accept, love, and appreciate this skinny version of Shownu just the same.