MONSTA X’s Shownu Goes Through Drastic Weight Loss And The Result Concerns Fans

“I’m worried about his health.”

In his photographs taken at MONSTA X‘s recent performances on music shows like The Show, Shownu seems to have gone through a drastic weight loss.


His facial features, like his jaw line and his cheekbones, have become more visible and defined than ever before…


… and Monbebes have grown concerned as to why he has lost so much weight in such short time.


Some believe it may have to do with the level of stress induced from the recent turn of events:


Fans are especially worried…


… because Shownu is known to love food and has always kept himself looking healthy and well fed. This is how Shownu looked in September 2019:


Monbebes are now leaving words of love and support for Shownu, asking him to look after himself and stay healthy.

Source: THEQOO