MONSTA X’s Shownu Assures Fans That He Only Pants on Stage out of Habit

Shownu assured fans that his panting is just for show.

MONSTA X‘s Shownu and Jooheon recently appeared on tvN’s Amazing Saturday where Shownu assured fans that his panting on stage is just for show.

Following Shownu and Jooheon’s showcase of “FOLLOW”, Hyeri expressed her surprise as she commented that Shownu lost a lot of weight.

In response, Shownu confessed that he lost a bit of weight ahead of his comeback, but Boom showed his worry by adding, “If you have to pant like that when you dance, I don’t think you should lose any more weight.

That’s when Shownu assured Boom and fans that his panting is just for show.

Panting is a type of showmanship. I have a habit of pretending to have a hard time on stage.

– Shownu

Boom agreed to this by remarking that it’s something that is often witnessed during idol performances.

Well, it definitely makes for a great performance!

Source: Dispatch