Here’s How MONSTA X’s Shownu Reacted When He Noticed Poop on a Puppy’s Bum

There was absolutely no hesitation in his reaction.

MONSTA X recently shared an episode of their web variety show, Dog Days where they spent quality time with some adorable puppies.

In particular, Shownu received the most love from the puppies with the Bichon Frise puppies swarming over with their tails wagging.

The puppies even kissed Shownu on the lips while he was lying down and continued to lick him simultaneously.

In response, Shownu smiled and accepted everything they tried to do, and even smelled their paws and talked about how addicting their scent was.

When he noticed a very small puppy, he gave it a nice and comfy cushion to sit on and then realized that it had puppy poop on its bum.

As soon as he noticed, he hugged the puppy without any hesitation and proceeded to clean its bum himself.

Watch the clip of Shownu reacting to puppy poop below:

Source: Dispatch


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