MONSTA X’s Kihyun Apologized To Fans For Wonho’s Passport Issue And You’ll Feel All The Feels

You could see how sorry they were.

MONSTA X ran into some problems ahead of their Malaysia We Are Here tour stop. As a result, Wonho wasn’t able to perform with them.

So, Kihyun had something to say during the concert: “You know our member Wonho couldn’t [come] here. We really apologize for that.”

He had to let fans know how sorry they were for what happened and explained why he needed to do so. “We have to apologize to you for that. Because you use your time, your money, your passion to see us.”

Kihyun even went as far as making a promise to fans for the incident: “And, we can promise we’ll come back again [as] 7 members. So, please wait for us.”

Then, he asked fans if they could wait for them to return as a full group, repeating, “Can you?” Fans were more than happy to do so by shouting, “Yes.”

Kihyun’s apology on behalf of MONSTA X was well-thought-out and touched the hearts of fans. After all, things beyond one’s control can happen, even if preparations are made.


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