Moo Moos Are Begging For A Collaboration With Chung Ha

They’re getting tired of waiting.

Moo Moos have had just about enough with MAMAMOO and soloist Chung Ha.

In a recent interview for Idol Radio, Chung Ha recommended MAMAMOO’s “gogobebe” as part of the recommended playlist segment.

When asked if the soloist had any connections with the girl group, Chung Ha mentioned that they’ve only met while on promotions.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa high-fives Chung Ha 

Chung Ha has made her love for MAMAMOO clear. After her solo debut in 2017, Chung Ha mentioned that she looked up to MAMAMOO as “models”, and used them as ” great motivation”.

In an interview for Naver in 2018, Chung Ha mentioned that she would love to collaborate with MAMAMOO’s Hwasa on a dance track. She mentioned Hwasa again in a Japanese interview.

Hwasa reciprocated on a live broadcast, mentioning that she would like to work with Chung Ha.

I like how she’s always putting her all into her performances. If the opportunity arises, I’d like to perform with her.


Moo Moos are understandably frustrated as they can’t comprehend how a collaboration hasn’t happened.

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