“The Moon Embracing The Sun” Actress Han Ga In Confesses She Was Worried To Play Kim Soo Hyun’s Lover

“I thought it would be hard for the viewers to…”

Upon its release in 2012, the historical Korean drama The Moon Embracing the Sun was the most-watched show of the year and received extremely high viewer ratings. Although actress Han Ga In became known as the “Queen of Ratings,” she admitted she’d been worried about acting opposite actor Kim Soo Hyun.

Han Ga In and Kim Soo Hyun in “The Moon Embracing the Sun.”

During Han Ga In’s appearance on Radio Star, the cast couldn’t help talking about The Moon Embracing the Sun. Han Ga In admitted her age difference with Kim Soo Hyun was one of the things that made her hesitant about the role.

I was so worried about working with him. ‘I’m way older than Kim Soo Hyun.’ He’s six or seven years younger than me.

— Han Ga In

She also pointed out how different their images were at the time. Since Han Ga In was married at twenty-three years old, she already had the image of an adult actress. Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun had just finished playing a high school student in Dream High.

Most importantly, Han Ga In wasn’t sure if viewers would enjoy the romance between their characters because of their different social statuses.

And in the drama, I wasn’t even older than him. It’s just that he was a king while I was lower class. So I didn’t think we would look good together.

I thought it would be hard for the viewers to get immersed in the drama. I was so worried about it.

— Han Ga In

In the end, it looks like Han Ga In didn’t have to worry at all. Viewers adored the romance between their characters and still watch it today.

See Han Ga In share what she’d been thinking on the set of the K-Drama that eventually became a hit for its romance.