Na Young Suk PD Pulls Off EXO Kai’s Outfit In His Own Way

What do you think of the outfit on Na PD?

In episode 3 of The Game Caterers on YouTube with EXO’s Kai and actor Bae Jung Nam, they visit each others’ houses to take a look at their closets.

When visiting Kai’s house, they receive the mission of dressing up Bae as a K-Pop idol.

Kai dresses him up in a simple and casual outfit that expresses an idol that has been in the industry for a long time.

| The Game Caterers/YouTube

At the end of the episode, they reveal some behind-the-scene footage of Na Young Suk PD trying out an idol-style outfit.

This is how fans expected the outfit to look like…

…but this is what they got instead!

| The Game Caterers/YouTube

After wearing the outfit, Na commented, “This outfit makes the person keep moving and not stay still!”

| The Game Caterers/YouTube

Although it does depend on who wears the clothes, netizens had nothing but positive things to say about Na!

  • “He actually looks pretty cute!”
  • “It’s so funny because he actually looks ok in it.”
  • “Omg Na Young Suk is so funny! But Kai really has great proportions.”
  • “Kai looks cute wearing it…and Na..looks cute..too.”

Watch the episode below!

Source: theqoo
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