Nam Taehyun’s Interview About His Dating Style Resurfaces In Light Of Cheating Scandal

“I love women too much.”

An interview in which Nam Taehyun reveals everything about his dating style has been resurfacing in light of his recent cheating scandal.

On an episode of Nam Taehyun’s Love Coaching, Nam Taehyun answered various questions about his dating life. When asked about the standards of a good guy, Nam Taehyun stated that a “bad guy” style was better than a “kind guy” style.

“I think a bad guy style over a kind guy style. I think it’s good to get a lot of dating experience when you’re young.”


He stated that while he was not a “bad guy” style, he loved women too much and therefore, had too many women around him.

“No (I’m not a ‘bad guy’), when I am in a relationship, I give all of myself. But I love women too much so I have too many women around me and my girlfriends are often worried.”


He further explained that some people may think that the many women around him are a bad trait, but he thinks it makes him charming.

“I love my girlfriend the most but since my girlfriend is worried. But I don’t necessarily think that’s bad. I think it’s charming.”


Nam Taehyun, who confirmed his relationship with Jang Jane, has recently been called out for cheating on his girlfriend. Jang Jane exposed chat logs between Nam Taehyun and another woman he was apparently dating, warning others who may become victims of his cheating.

Nam Taehyun later apologized to Jang Jane and other women who may have been affected by his cheating scandal.


Watch the full video clip below:

Source: Youtube