Nam Taehyun Reveals His New Band Members In This Latest Video

Nam Taehyun has been searching for new members to join his band and it looks like he may have found them.

The former WINNER member released new videos of him singing with his band on Instagram. Fan have been waiting for him to show more of himself singing and Nam Taehyun delivered. In his latest video, he can be seen singing passionately with his band playing in the background.

A group picture with his band was also released. With his bright smile, he definitely looks like he is enjoying pursuing his goal of creating a band. After teasing about his solo activities, Nam Taehyun began working on his own music over the past months as well as releasing song covers on his personal SoundCloud.

Nam Taehyun debuted in WINNER back in 2014 and his last official activity as a member of WINNER was JTBC‘s Half-Moon Friends. In October 2016, YG Entertainment announced that WINNER’s comeback would be postponed due to Taehyun’s health condition, but one month later it was revealed that he would be leaving the group entirely.

Source: Star News