Nam Taehyun Greets Fans With A Song From His SoundCloud

He has been non-stop working and experimenting with different types of music and has released several demos and covers for the past couple months.

Just like how Nam Taehyun told his fans on Instagram to anticipate his future music activities, he’s currently in the process of making more music. Earlier this month, the former member of WINNER, made a post on Tumblr in hopes of trying to recruit members for his new band.

As he may still be in the process of forming a new band, Taehyun has been releasing music on his SoundCloud. He has released a few demos with various genres ranging from deep house to alternative rock to jazz and blues. Taehyun also did covers of Radiohead‘s “Creep,” Park Hyo Shin‘s “Beautiful Tomorrow,” and Park Hyo Shin’s “Breath.”

His latest cover was of Frank Ocean‘s “Forrest Gump.” Taehyun mesmerized listeners with his sweet and soothing voice and impressed them by showcasing his great English pronunciation.

Check out his beautiful rendition of the song below!

Seeing how many of his Soundcloud releases are either jazz and blues and alternative rock, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Taehyun’s future official music releases will be either one of those genres!