Meet The Plus-Size Japanese Comedian And Model Gaining Praise From K-Netizens

We stan a queen.

This Japanese comedian-gone-model is receiving a positive response in online Korean communities.

Naomi Watanabe is primarily known for her work as a comedian…but can also take an insanely cool picture when she needs to.

Born in 1987, she debuted as an entertainer in 2008 on a Japanese variety show.

At 157 cm and 95 kg, she rocks every stunning look she throws together.

– Her ability to digest costumes is crazy…

– I like Naomi because she has a distinct personality.

– I really love her attitude… so cool

– She has good style and is photogenic.

— TheQoo Netizens’ comments

On top of her ability to pull off any look, her refreshing personality is relatable, hilarious, and all-around uplifting.

Cherish yourself. Love yourself. If you love yourself, you can try anything.

— Naomi

Check out her video with VOGUE below where she runs through her beauty routine — in the most hilarious and relatable way!

Source: TheQoo

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