NATURE Opens Up About Feeling So Embarrassed During Their “RICA RICA” Promotions, They Did Not Even Want Fans To Watch Them

Here’s why that’s so.

NATURE is a girl group under n.CH Entertainment.

NATURE | @nature_nchworld/Twitter

In a recent interview, Loha opened up about the seven members’ true feelings regarding their past promotions and the decisions their company made for them. The era that stood out the most in a negative way was “RICA RICA” which was released in January of this year.

It received a notable amount of attention online for its unique—borderline comedic—choreography where they moved their legs in a hopping motion.

According to Loha, the members also found it bizarre and were extremely hesitant to try it out when it was first shown to them. In fact, she couldn’t help but think, “Don’t tell me that we will do this…”

When we first received the choreography, to be honest with you, we were just like, ‘OMG.’ It was not just that we were shocked. As soon as we saw it [we were speechless and thought] ‘We have to do this?’ I can’t explain enough how I felt.

— Loha

They held onto the slight chance that the song would at least be a cool one in order to offset the strangeness of the choreography: “It will come out as a girl crush concept, right?” 

Unfortunately, their expectations were dashed. Loha emphasized that they had a simple desire to be taken seriously as a girl group, and having a divisive concept gave the opposite result.

To be honest, since we are also a K-Pop girl group, we also wanted to do something pretty and cool.

— Loha

They were so embarrassed by the “RICA RICA” point choreography, they did not want their fans or any audience member to watch them live. Since music shows were still closed to the public last January in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, this small reprieve was given to them.

One thing that made me think, ‘What a relief’ was that audiences were not allowed inside the music broadcasting hall due to COVID-19.

— Loha

Despite their feelings, the members still made sure to do their best at all times.

NATURE recently made a comeback with “LIMBO!” Check it out below if you have yet to see it.

Source: YouTube
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