NCT 127 Was Asked About BTS During An Interview And Mark Answered In The Most Respectful Way

They respect their sunbaes.

An interviewer from KTLA asked NCT 127 a question that rubbed both NCTzens and ARMY the wrong way.

nct 127 ktla

That question was, “When you see what’s happened to BTS, who is also here, what do you think about it?”

bts j-hope

Mark took the opportunity to answer, and he turned the question into something positive. He immediately announced that NCT respected BTS.

nct 127 mark

Then, he stated that BTS has shown the world their own color. And, there’s room for NCT to also take that same opportunity to show their own talents.

nct 127 mark

That’s why Mark praised the strides that BTS has made and explained how much support NCT has for them.

nct 127

Then, he finished with announcing how excited he was for what NCT 127 has to offer to the world.

Although some of the American population has an issue with differentiating between K-Pop groups (like the media and pedestrians), they’re not all the same and their music styles are completely different. Mark tackled that difficult issue with his thoroughly respectful response.

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