NCT 127’s Attempt To Solve Their 5-Year Mystery Created More Questions

“There is a conspiracy.”

For five years, there’s been a mystery that NCT 127 can never seem to find the answer to. When they were given the chance to finally solve it, leader Taeyong couldn’t let it pass them by.

Thanks to the humorous chaos that followed, it only left the group with even more suspicions than they had before.

During the group’s most recent appearance on Weekly Idol, each member submitted a question that another member would randomly pick to respond to.

There was only one thing on Taeyong’s mind: who breathed too hard into the microphone? It had been a mystery for far too long for him, “It’s been an unsolved mystery for five years.

Because Doyoung had been the one to choose it, Kwanghee if he’d had a particular member in mind. That wasn’t enough for Taeyong.

He’d figured out it was his question and was eager to get to the bottom of it, “Shall we talk about it altogether?” That alone made everyone realize what it was about, especially Haechan and Mark.

Still, they wanted to know who he would pick and let him continue. To narrow it down, Doyoung asked which of them felt confident they weren’t the culprit, “Who thinks it’s not them?” Haechan, Mark, Jaehyun, Yuta, and Taeil all raised their hands.

He didn’t choose any of them, Doyoung back hugged Johnny as the culprit. He claimed it was because he commonly has issues with his nose.

It’s like this. We’re not making any sounds, but someone is making that sound. In my opinion, Johnny has rhinitis. He sometimes breathes through his mouth. I just thought that could be the reason. But, it wasn’t any of us.

Johnny didn’t think himself the culprit but understood how he could be seen as such, “I don’t think it was me. But, if he thinks of it that way, there would be a possibility that it was me.” Once again, Taeyong was all too eager to close the case. He made everyone laugh by trying to put an end to it all, “In that case, it was you then. It was you after all.

Like Doyoung, Johnny had his own guess for who it could be. He thought of Mark from the way he wears his microphone, “I think it was Mark. I think so because the microphone was so close to him that he could almost eat it. Sometimes the microphone goes up and reaches his nose here. His microphone moves back and forth.

Once Doyoung threw out the idea that it was a different person every time the sound was made, it became chaotic. Jungwoo created an elaborate scenario where certain members were doing it on purpose. It turned out he wasn’t too far off, though Doyoung, Haechan, and Mark rejected the idea as nonsense.

It’s not me. It really isn’t me. Listen to me. In my opinion, the members do it on purpose and pretend they didn’t do it because they’re trying to accuse someone. I really think so. There is a conspiracy. Someone would do it on purpose and when we accuse someone, he would be laughing at the back.

Taeil fueled Jungwoo’s conspiracy theory. He admitted that he did make the sound. He’d only done it to give the person a taste of their own medicine, though. As for the suspected culprits, he named thought the same was everyone else: Jungwoo or Johnny.

I actually lead in making that conspiracy come true. I lead that conspiracy, but it’s not me. I just wanted that person to be aware of it. So, I blow into my microphone for him to hear it. I wanted him to feel the same. I exaggerate it. In my opinion, I think it’s either Johnny or Jungwoo.

In the end, they just weren’t able to solve the mystery of the heavy breather. Though they narrowed it down, that wasn’t helpful in getting closer to solving the mystery. If the five years that Taeyong referred to spanned all the way since their debut, their main suspects Johnny and Jungwoo would be eliminated since they joined the group after 2016.

It looks like this is a mystery that will forever be unsolved. Watch them hilariously point the finger at each other and debunk their humourous conspiracy theories here.

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