NCT 127’s Jungwoo Returns From His Hiatus… With The Most Angelic Visual By Far

Must have been one glow up kind of hiatus!

Not only did NCT 127‘s brand new retro-themed “Dreams Come True” gift song video make NCTzens scream in excitement, it also revealed Jungwoo back on his feet and looking healthier than ever before!


NCTzens can’t get enough of this glam-glitzed Jungwoo, who had been away on hiatus since August 2019 due to health concerns. Until now, the fans’ only way of hearing about Jungwoo had been through the members’ periodic updates:


So it is only understandable how NCTzens are losing their minds to see Jungwoo in the video again…


… especially looking like this, as if he hasn’t aged since his SM Rookies days!


NCTzens are wholeheartedly welcoming Jungwoo back in the spotlight — and wish the best of health for him as he continues his K-Pop adventure!


Watch the gift song video here:

Source: THEQOO


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