NCT’s Yuta Soothes Fans’ Worries About Jungwoo

He wants Jungwoo to be healthy just as much as everyone else.

For three months and counting, NCT 127‘s Jungwoo has been on a break from the group to improve his health. Shortly into that break, leader Taeyong had updated fans by telling them not to worry.

Without any more updates about Jungwoo since, NCTzens have begun to do the opposite. With more than a few groups suddenly losing a member due to various reasons, everyone is more curious than ever.

Since Yuta held a live broadcast to chat with fans and thank them for the birthday wishes they sent, one saw an opportunity to ask about Jungwoo. They wanted to know what many have been wondering: if Jungwoo had been doing well.

To reassure everyone and keep their thoughts positive, Yuta said that Jungwoo most likely was doing well and made it into a statement to put it into existence.

He’s doing well.

No one knows for sure what Jungwoo is going through. Because of that, there’s no telling how much time he needs to once again become the cheerful, healthy boy everyone loves.

Until then, fans will continue to wish him well and miss his presence in the group. Listen to Yuta reassure everyone at 47:07.