Here Are The NCT 127 Members Jungwoo Would And Wouldn’t Let His Sister Date

One was perfect for his sister, while the other made everyone laugh.

Because the NCT 127 members know each other so well, they knew instantly which members they would and wouldn’t introduce to their sisters—especially Jungwoo.

Jungwoo | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

When Super Junior‘s Ryeowook initially asked the group who they would introduce to their sister, Taeyong caused laughter by expressing how thankful he was that his sister was already spoken for. That didn’t spare Jungwoo, though.

Jungwoo kept the laughter going by showing how hesitant he was to choose any of the members. He asked, “My older sister…to these people?

There was one member who Jungwoo thought would make his older sister happy. That member was Taeil based on how well they’d get along.

I think they’d be compatible. My sister likes calm guys.

— Jungwoo

Ryeowook then asked Jungwoo to pick “two members that [he’d] never introduce” to his older sister. Instead of picking a real and a fake member to soften the blow, Jungwoo went right for it by naming Johnny.

Even Johnny felt the blow to his pride and said, “You were supposed to choose two.” None of them could keep a straight face, especially Taeyong and Taeil who burst into dance.

Jungwoo knows his older sister and his members well if he could narrow it down so quickly.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

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