NCT 127’s Show Of Support For Taeyong Is Warming Hearts

Taeyong couldn’t be with them physically, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t find ways.

Ever since NCT 127‘s debut, Taeyong has been the ultimate leader. Even though fans have occasionally spotted him in pain, like during the breaks for “Kick It” performances, he’s always pushed himself to keep going.

Since Taeyong couldn’t attend KBS‘s special airing of Music Bank due to undisclosed health reasons, it had been relieving for some that he took time for himself but also worrying for others because he’d never missed a schedule before.

Thanks to the members, they not only reassured fans that he’ll be alright but found a way to include him.

In a set of photos of the group taken after their performance, they left the center open for Taeyong, where he would stand if he were there beside them. Haechan, Mark, and Doyoung all pointed toward the spot, making sure everyone knew exactly who it was for.

Johnny took it a step further. Being the sweet guy that he is, he held out an arm as if he was wrapping it around Taeyong for a brotherly hug. Yuta even pointed out the dragon on their stage outfits, to refer to Taeyong’s nickname.

The fact that NCT 127 found a small but impactful way to show support for Taeyong had fans melting over how sweet their friendship is. Although they’re a group, there’s nothing like the close bonds they share.

As soon as Taeyong gets better, the group will be reunited before anyone can miss him for too long.