Fans Discover That NCT’s Yuta Spoiled “2 Baddies” Multiple Times

The spoilers were even fairly obvious.

Given the amount of time it takes for K-Pop idols to prepare for a comeback, it’s no surprise that idols often spoil parts of their upcoming songs, sometimes even before the comeback is announced.

NCT 127 recently had a comeback with their 4th album, 2 Baddies, and despite some difficulties in releasing the comeback, it was undoubtedly successful. Fans have been loving the powerful song and memorable choreography. At the time of the release, fans were most shocked about the title change, which could have given the title track “2 Baddies” a very different vibe.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

But fans have also now realized that Yuta spoiled the key choreography for the track on multiple occasions. The first was during NCT 127’s 6th anniversary live, where the idol not only showed off the choreography but even mouthed the lyrics.

Yuta | @adoreltm/Twitter 

Although Yuta wasn’t the only one to give spoilers, with Taeyong, Jaehyun, and Mark all joining in on revealing bits of the song.

And Yuta also performed some of the key choreography during NCT 127’s NEO CITY : THE LINK in Manila.

| @yuutabom/Twitter 

The third time Yuta spoiled the choreography was perhaps the most direct hint, as he did it while Taeyong was promoting their upcoming comeback.

Taeyong, Johnny, and Yuta | NCT/YouTube 

| NCT/YouTube  

| NCT/YouTube  

It’s safe to say that fans should keep an eye on Yuta before any comebacks in the future.