NCT’s Choreographer Reveals Hardest Part About Creating Choreography For 23 Members

“It was so hard!”

As the head of the dance team Auspicious, choreographer Ryu.D has worked with NCT since they were trainees. Being the brains behind the dance for NCT 2020’s epic track “RESONANCE”, he opened up about the hardest part about choreographing for 23 members.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

In a video with YouTuber Cha Hyun Seung, the choreographer was asked about whether the hardest part of choreographing “RESONANCE” was getting all the members in one place or making the formations.

There was no comparison for Ryu.D, who chose the latter. “Making formations was the hardest. It was so hard!

The first factor that made the formations so challenging was the track itself. If the song was only one, it would be easy for Ryu.D to quickly make the choreography, “Because if it’s just one song, we can work it out within one setting.

Since “RESONANCE” is “a mix of different songs” like “Raise The Roof”, “90’s Love”, “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)”, and “Work It”, it was harder to make everything flow well together.

The other challenging part was the space for all the members and keeping track of who belonged where. “But since there are twenty-three members, the stage is spread out like this… We have to consider each member’s path to gather and the formation when all of them gathered.

Despite all of the hard work put in and the moments of frustration, Ryu.D loved how well it turned out and appreciated doing it. “It was truly the biggest project in my life.

As if choreographing for a group wasn’t difficult enough, twenty-three members would definitely make some choreographers pause. Ryu.D faced the challenge head-on and created a masterpiece. See him open up about it here, along with the cool choreography.