NCT Dishes On The “90’s Love” Scene That Took 7 Tries To Film

It took more effort than you’d expect to make the scene so perfect.

While the NCT U unit that participated in “90’s Love” reacted to the full music video, they ended up revealing the scene that took more than a handful of times to get right.

At the end of Sungchan‘s rap, all the members shouted in awe at the scene where every member struck a perfectly-timed V sign.

Jeno spoke for them all when sharing just how hard they’d worked to make that simple scene look so effortless. “It was so hard filming that scene.

It had taken so long that Ten couldn’t even remember the specific number of attempts it took, “We retook that five or seven times, I think?” Jeno quickly agreed, “Right. Right.

Even though the scene fits so perfectly with Sungchan’s rap, who would’ve thought it was one of the most tiring parts to make?

| SMTOWN/YouTube

Check out them breaking down what made it so hard.


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