NCT Dream Chose Which Two Members Are Most Awkward With NCT 127

They could name them off the top of their head.

Since NCT Dream and NCT 127 rarely have coinciding promotions or projects, some members from one group haven’t had the chance to connect with those of the other. To bring them closer, they’ve created the series It’s Awkward, But It’s OK.

When selecting the members who should appear, NCT Dream ended up revealing which two members were the most awkward with NCT 127’s members.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

At the end of Jeno and Taeil‘s series, Doyoung asked the question that always concluded the episode. Which members should appear next? Jeno didn’t have to think hard, “Of NCT Dream members, Chenle.

When Doyoung followed up with which NCT 127 member would be an amusing fit for him, Taeil seconded Jeno’s choice. He revealed that quite a few were awkward with Chenle, giving them a lot of options to choose from. “There are many.

After Chenle became the next guest, he was asked the same question at the end of the episode. He picked another member who he thought was more awkward with NCT 127. He believed it to be their maknae, “I want to choose Jisung from NCT Dream.

There was a particular reason for Chenle’s choice, which happened to be the opposite of Chenle’s connection with the NCT 127 members. Jisung was the one who felt unsure around them, “Jisung feels awkward with everyone, I think.

It looks like the maknae line is a bit shy when it comes to the older members of NCT 127. Fortunately, they can close the distance between them thanks to the new series.

Check out NCT Dream and NCT 127 working to bring their members closer together through some hilarious awkwardness. Are you looking forward to Jaehyun and Jisung’s series of It’s Awkward, But It’s OK?