NCT DREAM’s Haechan Exposes Hilarious Reason Sungchan Bought Them A Grill

Jisung had a funny mishap but wasn’t the only one.

On an episode of 37.5 MHz Haechan Radio, NCT DREAM‘s Haechan solved the mystery of how the group ended up with a brand new grill and how NCT U‘s Sungchan paid the bill.


When Renjun revealed how confused he’d been by seeing Haechan grilling pork belly at their dorm, Haechan explained where the luxurious appliance came from.

Whenever they go shopping, Haechan explained that he, Jeno, and Jisung normally pay but ran into a funny problem during their last shopping trip.

Pointing at Jisung, Haechan said, “But, he lost his wallet.” The maknae hadn’t been the only one, though.

Haechan admitted, “I had forgotten to bring my wallet.” That wouldn’t have been a problem if they went with the original plan.

Haechan explained how Jisung stepped in with a different offer, “Jeno said he’ll pay for us first. But Jisung said he’ll pay for us.

Since Haechan and Jeno didn’t bring along their wallets, they were almost out of luck when Jisung’s went missing—until Sungchan came to the rescue. Haechan said, “So we went out to buy food, but his wallet was gone. So Sungchan had no choice but to pay for us.

Since Sungchan is the same age as Chenle, he’s already fitting right at home with the NCT DREAM members and lending a helping hand—or wallet.

See Haechan share the silly reason that could’ve been taken straight from a drama here.


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