NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Proves He Is More Than Ready To Teach An “Adulting” Class

He is the definition of ‘husband material.’

NCT DREAM‘s Jaemin proved he’s not only got this ‘adulting’ thing down, but he’s even ready to teach a whole course on it! Jaemin Mark went on MBC‘s Where Is My Home, a variety show in which two teams of celebrities must find the perfect new home for their clients. Not only did Jaemin and Mark win the competition, but Jaemin left everyone impressed with his knowledge about home-related things—including taxes!

| @na.jaemin0813/Instagram

From the moment they stepped into the apartment they were reviewing, Jaemin was already paying attention to key details, such as the door in the foyer. He explained to Mark its importance, saying that it helps keep the cold out and provides soundproofing for the apartment.

While examining the stove in the kitchen, Jaemin pointed out its characteristics as well, revealing that his expansive knowledge comes from his mother, who asked him to do a lot of housework as a child. He knew exactly what each type of stove is best suited for different purposes!

In fact, Jaemin even has a preference for toilet brands, since he says has an interest in interior design.

But it’s not just interior design he’s interested in; he also had a lot to say about the the design of the bedroom because he’s personally interested in feng shui!

And he didn’t stop there. Jaemin gave a very thorough assessment of the apartment they had reviewed, taking into account the clients’ needs and even their credit score. The host was left so impressed that when Jaemin finished speaking he joked, “You’re older than me, right?”

Later on, he gave a comparison between his team’s apartment and the other team’s, saying that while the other team’s place had a good view, it would be way too expensive to afford once taxes were factored in. It’s safe to say he left everyone shook with his analysis…

After showing off all that knowledge, it’s perhaps hardly a surprise that Jaemin’s team won the competition!

And in so doing, he proved that he’s ready to lead a course on ‘adulting’ matters. As some NCTzens pointed out, he’s so knowledgeable about so many vital things, that one wouldn’t even be surprised to find him doing just that!

Jaemin’s many talents are impressively varied. He is not only a talented artist with interests ranging from sports to photography to skincare, but now he’s proven he is also very knowledgeable about domestic matters…

…thanks to his mom. It definitely makes him unusual!

And it also makes him practically the definition of ‘husband material.’

So Jaemin ‘adulting’ seminar when? We can’t wait to see plenty more of husband-material Jaemin in the future.