NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Reveals What Made Him So Energized While Filming Their “Hot Sauce” MV

Jaemin’s behind-the-scene story is too funny!

Everyone loves some good behind-the-scene stories and NCT DREAM shared some intriguing ones from their “Hot Sauce” MV filming.

During their time on 37.5MHz HAECHAN RadioJeno brought up was the scene in their MV where they had to dance on the dirt. Although they looked flawless dancing in those scenes, Jeno revealed that it was actually difficult to dance well on the dirt.

Dancing on the dirt floor. Wow, it was a lot harder than I thought. It was difficult to balance myself.

— Jeno

Meanwhile, Jaemin shared he had no trouble dancing on the dirt, and the reason is pretty funny. Jaemin shared that he was able to sleep at an earlier time than usual.

You know on the second day, you film everything and then after we’re done, when there’s free time in the middle, we usually like sleeping in the car. But I had enough time on my hands. So I definitely at 6 PM, right? But when I woke up in the van, it was 12 o’clock.

— Jaemin

The members were shocked at what they were heard and Chenle commented, “Did you sleep for 6 hours?” Jaemin grinned and confirmed, “I slept 6 hours.

Mark was also surprised Jaemin was able to get so much sleep and stated, “You must have had such a power nap?

Apparently, Jaemin’s power nap was the reason he was able to be so awake and aware during their “Hot Sauce” MV filming.

That’s why I was so alert when I was doing the dancing part in the dirt.

— Jaemin

Following Jaemin’s story, Jeno realized that’s why Jaemin, “Wasn’t sleeping in the car” on the way back. Since the members run on such a busy schedule, Haechan expressed that any moment they are able to take a nap during filming is really a huge blessing.

You know when we film MVs, since we’ve all done it, as someone who have experienced this, it’s those times when you are able to nap that you’re thankful for.

— Haechan

It seems like getting as much as a 6-hour nap is rare as the members claimed it was “Record-breaking.Jisung revealed the most theyusually ever get out of a nap is an hour.

But doing that for 6 hours though, it’s never happened before. Normally it’s like at most an hour.

— Jisung

Thankfully, Jaemin was able to get a good amount of sleep for their MV shooting. Even without his, now legendary, power nap, NCTzens know he would’ve killed dancing in the dirt either way.

Check out the video below: