The Hardest Part About Being A K-Pop Idol, According To NCT DREAM’s Jeno

Hopefully he can find a healthy balance!

The members of NCT DREAM are booked and busy as they carry out promotions for their incredibly successful comeback, Glitch Mode. Recently, Jeno, Mark, and Haechan made a guest appearance on the YouTube show Turkids On The Block, where Jeno revealed what he thinks the hardest part of being an idol is for him.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Sometimes, fans are concerned that K-Pop idols are being overworked. Mark, for example, has always been so hardworking that he was famous for his work ethic even as a trainee. In fact, Mark does so much that fans have often found themselves hoping he would take time to rest and acknowledge his own hard work.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that, according to Jeno, the hardest part of being an idol is the lack of balance in their schedules. In the interview, he said that when the team are busy, they are way too busy. But when they have time off, he feels like there’s not enough to do.


Due to the seriousness in his tone, the host asked him if he meant that he maybe feels empty during his free time, which Jeno hilariously clarified he doesn’t.

But he did go on to explain that he feels like his schedules are always either on one extreme or the other.

While fans will find it reassuring to know that the members have good rest periods, Jeno is right to point out the lack of balance in their schedule. After all, it’s important for them to get enough rest during their busy periods as well, especially since that sometimes seems like a difficult thing to do. Hopefully Jeno, Mark and all the members are able to enjoy both their busy periods and their rest periods with a healthy balance!

You can watch the full clip on the link below.