NCT DREAM’s Jeno Recalls Spooky Dorm Encounter With Jisung That Scared Them All

Everyone got chills, even Jisung.

In episode five of NCT DREAM‘s Haechan‘s segment 37.5MHz HAECHAN Radio, the group celebrated the start of spring with the members who best fit the season: Renjun, Jeno, and Jisung.

When they shared moments where they spotted other members doing unusual things, Jeno had everyone on the edge of their seats with his spooky story about Jisung.

Jeno recalled a recent moment that spooked him but started like any other. He laid down the background, “I use a room by myself, and I opened up the door a bit once.

Instead of an empty hallway, Jeno saw the opposite. He said, “Then, I saw someone moving back and forth at regular time intervals.

Jeno pointed out the strange movements they were making. Jisung covered his mouth while Renjun spoke for them both, “It’s scary.” They also noted that it was similar to the horror movie Gonjiam.

What’s worse is he wasn’t walking normally. He was walking sideways.

… Someone was going back and forth, but it was at a constant speed.

— Jeno

While Renjun, Jisung, and Haechan were fully into the story, Jeno revealed who the figure stalking back and forth was. He took the maknae by surprising when announcing, “It turned out it was Jisung.

Though it seemed scary to Jeno, there was a reason behind the spooky movements. Jeno added, “Jisung was exercising.” Jisung immediately remembered the incident as they all burst into laughter.

Jisung explained that it had been part of the recovery from his injured knee that caused a brief hiatus.

Let me tell you what happened. I injured my knee, so I had to do rehab exercises. So I put a band around my knees.

For the workout, I had to move them sideways to strengthen my outer muscles. …I had no other space to do it really, so I just did it in the hallway from my room to Jeno’s room.

— Jisung

Jeno admitted that only seeing part of it was what truly make it spooky. He said, “It’d have been better if my door was completely open, but it was half closed.” Jisung understood and agreed, “It really must’ve been scary.

Haechan took it up a notch by noting how much scarier it could’ve been. He said, “It must have been scary then. Imagine seeing it at night in bed.

Check out Jeno’s scary encounter with Jisung that had all of them feeling chills.