NCT DREAM’s Jisung Reveals The “Bad Guy” English Name He Almost Had

Which name do you think suits him better?

NCT DREAM‘s Jisung had previously revealed his English name was “Andy Park,” but now he’s back with the unheard story of what his original English name was going to be before they settled on “Andy.”

Mark (left) and Jisung (right) | NCT/VLIVE

In a recent live broadcast, Mark asked Jisung when he received his name Andy. Jisung shared that he received the name when he was 7 years old, but was actually named something else at first.

Mark didn’t seem to believe it, but turns out Jisung was originally Ben! But according to Jisung and his parents, the name Ben seemed a bit too much like a “bad guy.”

For a brief moment in his life, Jisung was almost given the English name Ben!

Source: VLIVE


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