NCT DREAM’s Mark Doesn’t Cry Much According To His Members, But Here Is The Unexpected Thing That Made Him Tear Up

Is this more evidence?

In a recent episode of Dream VS Dream, NCT DREAM‘s Mark revealed the one thing that made him cry recently, even though he’s not normally prone to tears.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

When it was Jaemin‘s turn to answer a question about Mark, even he was surprised to find that Mark had cried at all. The question was, “What made me cry recently?” And Jaemin’s hilarious first reaction was to ask, “Do you every cry?

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Mark gave him a hint, saying, “I watched something.” Jaemin then immediately guessed the right answer, which is the most recent Spiderman movie! Though funnily enough, Jaemin hadn’t actually watched it himself.

Mark admitted that he had indeed cried while watching Spiderman: No Way Home, even if it was just “a little.”

NCTzens will probably not be surprised that Mark has such an emotional connection to the Spiderman movies. After all, Mark has been hilariously ‘suspected’ of being Spiderman for a while now, with fans constantly finding new ‘evidence‘ of his secret identity. Even the members of NCT have jumped on the Mark Lee-Spiderman meme, giving rise to some of NCT’s funniest content.

Johnny, Mark and Jaehyun in A Cup Of Coffee Part. 3 | NCT/YouTube

Mark’s confession that the latest Spiderman movie is the one thing that has made him cry recently will hopefully lead to more Mark Lee-Spiderman content!

You can watch the full Dream VS Dream clip on the link below.