Here’s NCT Dream Renjun’s Advice To Fan With A Cheating Boyfriend

He was far from happy to hear about it.

NCT Dream‘s Renjun‘s radio show Akdong Seoul is more than a way for him to share funny moments with fans. He gives advice on their various problems. Naturally, those arising from relationships—romantic and non-romantic—are common issues everyone deals with.

Although he’s given advice for ghosting and even a breakup over chicken, Renjun was in for a sad moment when a fan revealed that they’d been cheated on.

| 黄仁俊_RENJUN/Weibo

In one of his live broadcasts going to and from the radio station, Renjun read fans’ comments as he typically did. A sad expression then appeared on his face before reading one about a not-so-faithful boyfriend.

He’d felt so sorry that he had to pause in the middle of reading the comment, “Tonight, I found out my boyfriend has been cheating.

With the heartbreaking news being so fresh and raw for the fan, Renjun thought carefully about how to address the situation. He was reminded of the similar circumstances fans submitted to Akdong Seoul, thinking that it wasn’t necessarily due to an attraction to another person.

Oftentimes, it’s not about another person at all but the individuals involved in the relationship itself, “I said this on the radio a lot, but… It’s not a problem that they like someone else…

Although it doesn’t make it right or undo what was done, the source of cheating could be from a breakdown in communication. Renjun emphasized that the boyfriend shouldn’t have done it and then made it worse by attempting to hide it, “…but they should’ve been honest. Communication is necessary.

Whether they decided to break up or work it out with their boyfriend, Renjun supported any path the fan took in handling the situation. He only wanted what was best for the fan, “Fighting! I’ll be rooting for you.

Cheating is a very sticky situation that can make or break any relationship. Yet, everyone’s situation differs. Watch Renjun give the fan the support they needed to do what’s best for them, starting at 13:37.