NCT DREAM’s Renjun And Jisung Reveal The “Mango Jelly Incident” From When They First Met

The jellies were all gone!

NCT DREAM‘s Renjun and Jisung test their relationship by asking each other questions in the latest Dream VS Dream, and reminisce on a memory from when they first met.


Renjun revealed the story of the “mango jelly incident” that occurred not long after they had first met, and why the event shocked him.

Renjun was shocked by Jisung’s behavior because the two were not that close yet, but he now laughs it off as cute.

Jisung explained his past self’s actions by saying Renjun’s personality made him feel comfortable as if they were already friends.

Their relationship is so cute, and it’s clear that Jisung still feels the same about Renjun even now!

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