NCT Dream’s Renjun Reveals How He And WayV’s Yangyang Became Best Friends

“…it was really awkward.” – Renjun

At the mention of which WayV member was his best friend, Yangyang picked Xiaojun because of their proximity. When it came to choosing a best friend out of all the NCT members, there was only one who truly fulfilled that role for him: NCT Dream‘s Renjun.

| 威神V_扬扬_YANGYANG/Weibo

Since neither of them ever mentioned the specifics of how they became so close, Renjun shared the story in one of his many live broadcasts going to and from his radio show Akdong Seoul.

It came to mind when a fan asked if he’d spoken with Yangyang recently. Renjun mentioned how they spend their time together, “When I meet Yangyang, we just talk or there are times when we eat.” That reminded him of their past and how they’d first met.

Yangyang and Renjun had been awkward around each other because of the different positions the 00-liners were in.

While NCT Dream was close to debuting, it wasn’t time for WayV yet, “I think I was debuting when Yangyang was a trainee. It was kind of awkward when we met while I was practicing.” It had been awkward for other reasons, as well.

On top of not knowing what to say to each other at their first meeting, Renjun and Yangyang didn’t have any chances to get closer at the time, “Since we met for the first time, there was nothing to say, and it was awkward. And there was no time to practice together, so it was really awkward.

They were able to overcome the awkwardness between them by seeing each other often and making an effort to be friendly, “Since I kept going to the practice room too, that’s how we became close. After that, together… He always played with me.

Even the closest of friends can start off a little awkwardly. Yangyang and Renjun didn’t let that stop them from becoming best friends. Watch Renjun break down how it all started, beginning from 4:39.