NCT DREAM Wade In To The “Pineapple On Pizza” Debate With A Galaxy Brain Take

“Cooked fruits are good but…”

Episode six of NCT DREAM‘s 7llin’ in our Youth saw the members weigh in on several snack-related controversies. As they sat down to eat a lovely breakfast made by Chenle, the members revealed the unexpected thing they have to say about the “pineapple on pizza” debate.

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Several K-Pop idols have weighed in on this in the past, including ITZY‘s Lia and Yuna, the members of Stray Kids, and the members of CRAVITY. Now, NCT DREAM have waded in with their take, but whether or not fans will agree with them is another question!

During the episode, the members discussed their opinions on everything from the mint-chocolate debate to the cilantro one. They even discussed one’s genetic predisposition to hating cucumber…

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…with Mark saying that he’d heard somewhere that it’s a “sign of evolution.”

Jeno had the best answer to that…

…but soon they came to the matter of pineapple on pizza. As Jisung brought up the subject, he said, “I think every one of us likes it.” The members didn’t necessarily disagree. Haechan commented that he actually enjoys eating cooked fruits, even though that’s an issue for some people.

The others all agreed that cooked fruits are good. But, despite cooked fruits not being an issue, Mark then admitted that he doesn’t really like Hawaiian pizza…with Jeno agreeing that pizza shouldn’t be sweet.

But then, rather than taking a stand on whether pizza is better with or without fruit, Haechan hilariously opted to forego pizza altogether, saying “I don’t think we need to eat pizza.”

Because, as it turns out, Haechan doesn’t actually like either pizza or hamburgers! And Chenle even goes a step beyond that, as it seems he doesn’t like any kind of fast food at all.

Ultimately, the members of NCT DREAM’s opinions range from “cooked fruit is okay but Hawaiian pizza is not that good,” to “pizza is not good,” to “fast food is not good”…which is definitely a varied stance. But rather than getting invested on either side of the issue, NCT DREAM’s galaxy brain take on the “pineapple on pizza” debate is, hilariously, to abandon pizza and fast food altogether!

You can watch NCT DREAM discuss the issue in full on the link below.