NCT’s Haechan And Renjun Never Forgot The Kind Thing Rain Did For Them As Trainees—And Neither Did Rain

“That was you?!”

When NCT DREAM appeared on Rain‘s show Season B Season, Haechan and Renjun mentioned the time they met Rain during their early days and the kind thing he did for them.

Renjun, Haechan, and Jeno.

Keeping the fun energy of the show going, Haechan and Renjun put Rain on the hot seat when asking him if he remembered them. When Haechan gave a hint that Rain paid for their meal, even Chenle was surprised.

After Haechan’s next hint of eating at a jokbal (pig’s trotters) restaurant, Rain instantly remembered, shouting his excitement.

Making the rest of the members laugh, Rain jumped up and gave Renjun a warm hug and pat on the back.

Rain couldn’t believe it as he went to hug Haechan next while saying, “That was you!

Even though it was long ago, Rain shocked Renjun and Haechan by naming the exact restaurant where he’d paid for their meal. He said, “You were eating at Yirun Jokbal.

There was a reason Rain had remembered the moment. Seeing Haechan and Renjun had reminded him of the days he’d spent training as a young boy.

I remember that because these two kids came up and said, ‘Hi.’ It really reminded me of my trainee days.

— Rain

The fact that Rain remembered made Renjun a bit emotional about how much he’d appreciated the veteran singer’s kindness. Renjun said, “I was so moved that day.

Because singers meet so many idols and trainees over their careers and pre-debut days, it’s touching to see Rain remember that moment and for the NCT DREAM members to cherish it too.


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