NCT’s Jaehyun Once Acted Out A Scene From “Bungee Jumping Of Their Own” — 4 Years Before Landing The Role

He manifested this role!

NCT‘s Jaehyun was recently reported to be cast in a remake of the 2001 film Bungee Jumping Of Their Own. But he actually acted out one of the scenes from the movie years ago!

Jaehyun from NCT for their repackage album Favorite. | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Back in 2017, Jaehyun and Johnny hosted a radio show together called NCT Night Night. They would often read letters from fans or tell stories about their lives.

Johnny (left) and Jaehyun (right). | @nctnightnight/Instagram

In the December 2, 2017, broadcast where they were joined by Doyoung, Jaehyun read lines from Bungee Jumping Of Their Own while Doyoung narrated!

Johnny, Doyoung, and Jaehyun. | @nctnightnight/Instagram

In the movie, the character Seo In Woo loses his lover, In Tae Hee, after she dies in a car accident. He then encounters the student Lim Hyun Bin, whose stark similarities to Tae Hee have In Woo falling for him.

Doyoung: But for some reason, In Woo starts paying attention to a fellow male student, Hyun Bin.

Jaehyun: How come sood-garak (spoon) is spelled with a “d” when jeot-garak (chopsticks) is spelled with a “t”?

Doyoung: Not only does [Hyun Bin] talk exactly like Tae Hee, but he also picks up things with his pinkie sticking out—like Tae Hee used to. Hyun Bin also has the lighter that Tae Hee once gave to In Woo. All in all, Hyun Bin reminds In Woo so much of Tae Hee whom he still loves so dearly.

| @nctnightnight/Instagram

The line Jaehyun said is said by the character In Tae Hee earlier in the film and later repeated by Hyun Bin, showing just how similar the two characters are. It’s also one of the most iconic lines from the movie!

The clip of Jaehyun reciting this line has resurfaced since the news of his casting in the remake has come out. Fans couldn’t what a coincidence it is that he should end up playing that role years later! Check out the clip below to get a sneak peek at Jaehyun’s “Lim Hyun Bin.”

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